i am tired

typed out a post at 3+ on my phone but didn’t publish it because i was only three quarters done. but now it is lost and i no idea where it disappeared to. how perfect because a few days ago i was thinking ‘the wordpress app hasn’t failed me’.

only 7:13pm now, five hours left to another day. it’s finally the second last weekday of the week and i think that’s not really such a bad thing now. three tests next week back to back – i think the school is mad srsly it’s only the second week of school. today hasn’t gone too well, started the morning by waking up to realize i overslept and as much as giving in to the convenient excuse of a parent’s letter i decided to head to school and ruin my record of no late coming for the term. (on the first day of school i said that i resolved to come to school on time) so i rushed out of the house at 7:36am when morning assembly starts at 7:40am. after our last lecture i walked with zi to the mrt and i was initially planning on studying near my tuition place but i missed my stop so i headed home instead. the thing was even though i spaced out i think i was still conscious that it was my stop that i was supposed to get out of but somehow my legs just didn’t carry me forward.

7:19 now, an hour ago i left the house for tuition and 40 minutes into traveling my tutor called me to ask me if i knew that tuition was cancelled and shifted to tomorrow. reread my texts and realized i didn’t read the text carefully.

think i really am tired ^ subject title

but right now i’m reading the book of lost things and it’s very very very enthralling. makes me remember why i used to read over a hundred books because it’s like when you read a story you transport yourself into the book and you’re living breathing inside. everything else becomes unreal. i forget i wasted forty precious minutes traveling, i forget that i have upcoming tests, forget that i have a long list of homework…

just want to escape from everything


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