qlty time

10:15 now as i’m typing this, about 13 hours ago, charlotte asked me if i was free to meet her at changi airport and it just so happened that my plans with sharm got cancelled and i was free from 1 onwards again, so after the first mass dance during open house (lessons ended at 10am but i stayed around just to dance our mass dance) i left with rui because we were both headed for paya lebar mrt and then i met twink at tampines then we headed to changi airport. we camped out at coffee bean, bought a carrot cake for lunch while she had pasta. i did chem and she folded her origami, talking here and there with comfortable silences in between when both of us got preoccupied with our work. i like these kind of friendships – whereby i don’t feel obliged to make small talk first and when i ask ‘how have you been’ it’s because i’m genuinely interested and not because i’ve ran out of things to say. feels like even after not having seen her for a few months, everything is still as effortless and i sink into the same level of familiarity and i feel really comfortable around her.

just some photos that i took today:

affinity with the number 11 – getting the same table number for both lunch and dinner

nearing 7:10 a girl asked us if we ordered the cranberry muffin, we both said no in unison but i told the girl jokingly ‘but you can give it to us if you want’ and she ended up just giving it to us. twink and i just stared at each other for a few seconds with a really classic cannot-believe-this-just happened before proceeding to gobble the muffin up before the girl realized her mistake


10:53 now and my body is telling me to sleep even though the night is still too young. today both sharm and twink agreed that i looked tired and i’ve never had such prominent panda eyes before – only three days of school so far and i am already 28% on my way to become a fully fledged panda…

today was a really good day


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