first days

i’m on a roll – been updating my wordpress for five consecutive days. feels like i wasted my money buying a new moleskine because i’ve been filling this space up more often than writing down my thoughts down in pen. it’s 7:13 now and the first day of school wasn’t too exhausting. although once i came back home the exhaustion kind of kicked in but i think that has something to do with me turning on my computer the first thing i reached home and downloading all the documents off cybersphere before they decided to delete the portal and replace it with an even lamer sounding portal. still prefer moodle. moodle noodle. i am rambling again lol – just realized that people who read this space and aren’t from my school will be kind of lost now.

it doesn’t feel like january, much less the first day of school. feels like it’s already april. but soon 2012 will pass by, just as how the last two years have. our class was so quiet today and it felt so strange not hearing jiahao or aaron r arguing about whether twilight or harry potter fight scenes are better or hearing them sing really awfully at the back of the class. but they came to find us during our breaks and crashed our civics class. i don’t know how close everybody will be six months from now, or even a year later. i wouldn’t say the class is extremely bonded and everybody loves each other but it feels so different without them

sigh melancholy on the first day of school


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