lessons in transmogrification


all i want to eat for the next 358 days:
boiled baby carrots
boiled broccoli
boiled long beans
and froyo
– ok i don’t think rabbits eat froyo but that’s not the point

in 2011 i gained 5kg, the first week of january has just passed but i have already lost all the weight i gained in the past year and an additional 3kg.

all i feel like eating are vegetables, particularly baby carrots and boiled broccoli. when i think of food i feel like gagging – especially when i think of having to eat school food 5 times a week starting from tomorrow… puketastic.com

not sure when my appetite is going to return.. but i’m kind of craving for a strawberry milkshake from fatboys now so i guess at least that’s a start


not sure how i feel about school starting tomorrow. feel like being in school now isn’t the same without you, rach, s09, council people, the girls and so many other people. to be honest i don’t think i’m really that stressed about exams because i know that as long as i put in effort and be as consistent as i can be, i’ll make it through. i just feel like the idea of being in school without everybody else… makes me feel so empty


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