do you


I was that empty and that far way. and suddenly I knew what became of all those lost balloons: they were the loves
that slipped out of our own fists; the black eyes that rose with every night sky.


i have never sprained my ankle
or broken any bones
my favorite color is red
while my least favorite color is green
(but together they make the main christmas colors)
i bite my fingernails
i play with my hair when i get nervous or if i’m in an awkward situation
i wear glasses although i usually walk around half blind
L= 250 degrees while R= 275 degrees
i used to be in netball but i’m extremely scared of ball sports
my council jersey number is 13
my favorite numbers are 3,7 and 13
i never sleep on my left because i can never fall asleep somehow lying in that position
i don’t like chocolate but my favorite chocolate snack is twix (can hardly even taste the chocolate)
i don’t really like taking cold drinks
i hate drinking coke
i never ever pms (ok maybe maximum twice a year)
i used to learn japanese when i was primary 5
i got an ‘Ungraded’ for my A level oral
i hate wearing jeans
usually i only wear dresses
i love cats
and bunnies
i’m not really considered an outgoing person
but i don’t mind
and night runs
i’m really bad at standing broad jump
and i cannot stand being in the sun
in 2011 i liked my econs tutor the most
and my pe teacher the least
i am a fangirl of my school’s vice principal
i feel weird when people call me ‘charmaine’
less than five people today still call me char, but of all the nicknames people give me, i actually like being called char the most
my best friends both have a ‘char’ in their names
right now i think i have 2.5 best friends
i know most classical songs
i love most of the old Disney movies
during exam periods, i’ll always transport my pile of mess from my table, to my chair, to my bed, to my table … cycle repeats
i get lost very often
especially on buses
my favorite fruit is guava
followed by cherries then strawberries and mangoes
my favorite topic in physics is thermal
my favorite subject (as of now) is econs
i’ve never pulled an all nighter before
i talk to my stuffed toys
i prefer eating noodles more than eating rice
i always eat roasted chicken rice
and never white chicken rice because the white chicken skin makes me feel like puking and white chicken always seems more slimy
i don’t really like using blue ink when i write
i like barbie dolls
i have never fried an egg successfully
my best cooked meal to date is pasta (and it tastes pretty dang good imo)
i don’t like typing using capital letters or full stops
my favorite disney princess is ariel
both my middle and index fingers on both hands are kind of crooked
my head hurts if i keep using my iMac for prolonged periods
sometimes i think i’m 60% guy
i like resident evil films
the matrix
one of my favorite action movies is troy
my favorite movies are the holiday (don’t really like the jack black and kate winslet pairing though)
the notebook
and up
i never forget faces
but i do forget names
the only origami i can fold is a paper boat
for eggs, i only eat the egg whites
never the yolk, be it soft and runny or hard boiled
when i see something expensive like etc. 30000$, i measure the price against the amounts of frolick cups i can buy with that amount of money ie. 30K can give me 5000 cups of frolick
i would probably be very contented to just eat froyo for every single meal, but i would probably die of diabetes
i plan to work at frolick next year after exams
or yoguru
my dream house is a flat in bishan
to be honest even though i always go on about not wanting to have children, i think i’ll probably have two kids
when i go swimming, i spend 70% of my time floating or just lazying at the side
i like sharks
and crocodiles
my best friend still hasn’t brought me to the crocodile farm
i really wanted to go see the dinosaur exhibition at the science centre – oh just checked it’s still open!!!!!
i love eating marshmallows (just the normal white fluffy ones)
and my favorite tao kae noi flavor is tom yam goong
i have a hitchhiker’s thumb
i can make my ears move #ninjaskill
when i play the thumb game i always always always call out ‘one’ first and it works 98% of the time
i’m a pokemon addict – right now i’m playing soul silver
i used to collect stamps
my favorite on-screen couple is chuck and blair (funny how i type it out as chuck and blair but i say it as b&c and not c&b)
my favorite couple in real life is rachel mcadams and ryan gosling
i think selena gomez and justin bieber are kind of cute together
i like to draw but i haven’t drawn in a long time
i prefer putting on my daily contacts than my monthly ones
i only ever drink hazelnut milk tea at koi
after exams (besides working and going out 24/7) i want to buy some jigsaw puzzles and start on them
i hate the sound of people cracking their necks, fingers, back.. etc etc.
my favorite childhood ice cream is paddle pop

// i wonder how many out of this 100 things do you know..

/// what a narcissistic post


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