(almost) goodbye, 2011

how my hair naturally looks like in the light


only 9+ hours left of 2011, doesn’t feel like the year is coming to an end. i had the worst migraine ever along with an annoying backache yesterday and some time before 9pm i felt like throwing up so i got up from my bed and walked slowly to the bathroom and threw up seven times into the sink (which thankfully didn’t choke) one of the lousiest moments in 2011 – and on the second last day of the year no less. but now i’m feeling completely fine TG

decided to sum up quickly the best moments (even the tiny special ones but significant nonetheless) of 2011:
(in no order)
1. orientation 2011 – 30 special individuals i will never ever forget
2. food hunts with b during march/april
3. following rui to look for cards in ion
4. getting top in class, meeting my own expectations
5. sharing rooms with wei, asking her to sit in the bathroom and play my DS while i showered because i was scared
6. whatsapping rui 24/7 when i was away from school
8. catching the last HP movie even though it was disappointing but i remember the excitement b and i had while trying to book tickets online
9. my 18th birthday; cupcake overload from rui&christina and twink, flik flak watch, surprise birthday cake from the girls, pigging out at seoul garden – i don’t know if my other birthdays will ever be as special as my 18th
10. spending time with you
11. ikea who-can-eat-more fest with charlotte (i won, current score 1-0 heheh)
12. watching HIMYM with char, now watching HIMYM will never be the same when i’m watching it alone
13. post prom with the girls

13 things on the list, my favourite number (think i can add 11 to one of my favourite numbers too) purely coincidental


happy new year everybody


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