last days of november

been doing absolutely nothing ever since school ended – with the exception of studying for the last three days – i spent days watching gossip girl, big bang theory and in between the (many) breaks i took while studying i downloaded old disney movies off youtube. started off with watching little mermaid, then sleeping beauty, little mermaid 2 and the last movie i watched was 101 dalmations. it has been raining every single day, the rain comes, it goes, and then it comes back again. my feet are always cold nowadays but there’s something about just watching old disney movies over and over again that makes everything seem a little warmer, a little less lonely

googled some images of my favorite disney couples (whether human couples or not!!) didn’t include lady and the tramp because i haven’t watched that yet… all these old disney movies really really played a big part in my childhood, i think maybe someday i just might decide to have a daughter and i’d want her to watch all these old disney movies and not the current rubbish cartoons that have now taken over disney channel

current desktop wallpaper




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