anywhere but here

typing on the keyboard feels a little strange.. out of place

haven’t seen the wordpress dashboard in quite some time and the sidebar confused me quite a bit. felt like it was akin to seeing a old friend; everything is familiar yet foreign at the same time. past few days/ summary of post exam days are spent watching gossip girl/ horror movies – BIG MISTAKE now i have difficulty sleeping – ju on and shutter. love and other drugs. friends with benefits. playing pokemon white – am currently stuck at the pokemon league – and apollo justice. if this were twitter i would ‘#lifesgewd’ now

just got back from a short trip and i kind of miss the fresh feel that the hotel bedsheets give you. the luxury of running the hot water in the shower without turning the tap off (something i would never do at home but the irony is that i am still wasting water regardless of where i am.) but more importantly i think the thing with traveling that i love and always miss is that i am stripped off all my present worries. but then reality always comes crashing in anyway

i would really love to travel around the world one day

and right now i really want to be anywhere but here

that said i think my memory is getting worse

i have resetted my photo bucket account’s password more than thrice but i have just resetted it again

this is a late and extremely delayed (under the influence of procrastination) post about my new red calfskin wallet my dad got for me a month ago

the hype has pretty much died down but i remember stepping into my room, just after coming back home and i saw the tods paper bag sitting patiently on my table





thanks dad (& mom)


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