exams are over, since wednesday

post exams: strangely there wasn’t much excitement, no EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!! tingling feeling that i usually get after a major exam. spent the day with sharm, caught abduction at cathay, had frolick and astons and sent her off to outram for tuition. then i bought the gossip girl s3 DVD and the lady didn’t even bother to check my ic to check i was 18. felt a little cheated because i didn’t buy it months ago because i was still 17 then.

it has been two days since i bought it and I’m left with 7 more episodes and a migraine from hell – a result from sleeping past midnight/3am

12:13am now

yesterday i spent the entire morning sleeping in and met sharm again for lunch at food for thought. we got almost lost in the process of finding our way there. but we make a great team – i was armed with my iPhone and she had her map reading skills

we both had pancakes, mine topped with mixed berries and i had a root beer float. walked all the way back to dhoby after that. i’ve known her for 6 years. funny how everybody grows up so fast.. today we spent only 2 hours talking effortlessly. walking in the slight drizzle.. just 2 hours but 2 hours well spent

I’ve really missed her

1 comment
  1. sharm said:

    missed you too charm ❤

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