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away from singapore, sunset view from the cab, extremely beautiful


there are panda cubs hiding under my eyes, i should be sleeping now. instead i think of the (many) faces that i have came across for the day. i think of the old aunties at my workplace and i think of my great grandmother. how she never puts milk in her milo and how horrible it tasted. i look at all the wrinkled faces and instead of thinking ‘stranger’ i think ‘this is someone’s mother’ or ‘someone must have loved her’

somewhere in between these thoughts that are fleeting through my mind, i think of you

but you are far off






ferragamo red varinas, have way too many red things


yesterday i met up with char after work for an early lunch/dinner, walked around in circles just talking and talking and talking. today i met up with twink after work again, we had soup spoon then we walked to taka’s art friend to get her brushes and cartridge paper. we delicately pried open the lids of color pencils and squealed at all the colors.. i could spend every day like this. meeting up with my best friends, eating good food, good company, being happy

even if it is without you

typing on the keyboard feels a little strange.. out of place

haven’t seen the wordpress dashboard in quite some time and the sidebar confused me quite a bit. felt like it was akin to seeing a old friend; everything is familiar yet foreign at the same time. past few days/ summary of post exam days are spent watching gossip girl/ horror movies – BIG MISTAKE now i have difficulty sleeping – ju on and shutter. love and other drugs. friends with benefits. playing pokemon white – am currently stuck at the pokemon league – and apollo justice. if this were twitter i would ‘#lifesgewd’ now

just got back from a short trip and i kind of miss the fresh feel that the hotel bedsheets give you. the luxury of running the hot water in the shower without turning the tap off (something i would never do at home but the irony is that i am still wasting water regardless of where i am.) but more importantly i think the thing with traveling that i love and always miss is that i am stripped off all my present worries. but then reality always comes crashing in anyway

i would really love to travel around the world one day

and right now i really want to be anywhere but here

that said i think my memory is getting worse

i have resetted my photo bucket account’s password more than thrice but i have just resetted it again

this is a late and extremely delayed (under the influence of procrastination) post about my new red calfskin wallet my dad got for me a month ago

the hype has pretty much died down but i remember stepping into my room, just after coming back home and i saw the tods paper bag sitting patiently on my table





thanks dad (& mom)

it’s hard
seeing you here

you are right beside me. we are side by side -10 inches separating us- we don’t speak a word. the silence is uncomfortable.. should i.. speak first? i try not to look at you. i have known you for almost 2 years but right now, i am beside a stranger

and as i walked away i glanced at the screen of my phone. 13% of battery left – and this almost seems bittersweet. it is yours. my. and our favorite number

i look at the list of missed. answered calls. i clear the history, i delete all the text messages. maybe i just want to forget about today but wanting to forget is not as easy as deleting messages or call history

i am not afraid this time

past lovers. present strangers

seeing you there
was a mistake

we are not who we are

exams are over, since wednesday

post exams: strangely there wasn’t much excitement, no EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!! tingling feeling that i usually get after a major exam. spent the day with sharm, caught abduction at cathay, had frolick and astons and sent her off to outram for tuition. then i bought the gossip girl s3 DVD and the lady didn’t even bother to check my ic to check i was 18. felt a little cheated because i didn’t buy it months ago because i was still 17 then.

it has been two days since i bought it and I’m left with 7 more episodes and a migraine from hell – a result from sleeping past midnight/3am

12:13am now

yesterday i spent the entire morning sleeping in and met sharm again for lunch at food for thought. we got almost lost in the process of finding our way there. but we make a great team – i was armed with my iPhone and she had her map reading skills

we both had pancakes, mine topped with mixed berries and i had a root beer float. walked all the way back to dhoby after that. i’ve known her for 6 years. funny how everybody grows up so fast.. today we spent only 2 hours talking effortlessly. walking in the slight drizzle.. just 2 hours but 2 hours well spent

I’ve really missed her