productivity at its best

today was the chinese paper and since i don’t take chinese i didn’t need to go to school for lessons. yet i tumbled out of bed, 94% willing and shoved the notes on my table into my bag, and took my mom’s car to school. and that’s something that i think i always take for granted. i always complain about having to get up but i don’t think i’ve ever heard my mom complain about how tired she is/ how she wishes i would just take the train to school instead of her having to get up early. little things in life that i’m finally learning to appreciate more and not take for granted

that paragraph there ^ completely deviated from what i wanted to type initially. oh well

so today at 8:19am i stepped into the library and sat at the table where i could easily grab the table with the powerpoint once the two guys sitting there moved away. today was really good. 9 hours of studying and another 3 hours to clock in after i finish typing this post. i feel accomplished but honestly there really isn’t anything to brag about since it’s only 5 more days till exams, such effort is only expected i guess

ending this post because it’s already 9:20

if only time is not wasted on eating/sleeping, i would have a great deal of time in my hands


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