been watching videos on octopuses/squids/sharks (fascination with sharks and octopuses!!!!!) on youtube and i came across this

after watching all these videos/documentaries on marine life i always feel like my perception of things /vague/ is so narrow. apart from life outside school/social circles/family.. there isn’t really anything much —– then i come across videos like these that makes me realizes that there is more to life than just studying. getting A’s. there is a life outside tutorials, lectures, tuition etc etc etc

but then when i close the screen and start revising for exams again, all these perceptions of life disappear and shrink back to the narrow view that life is all about achievements

it makes me sick

  1. twink said:

    what the. i was just thinking about this last night. and willing myself to have a wider perception of things and be open to everything because life isn’t limited to just school and exams. eeeeee why are we so scary.

  2. c said:


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