midnight rambling

it is already the 19th, friday. another week has passed by. there is this constant dread associated with mondays and fridays; mondays = start of a new week and mondays are a living hell 11 hours of school, fridays = finally weekends.. but there is always this guilt, knowing i have not fully used my time well. now, more than half the month is already gone. where have all the days and months gone to.. i am afraid because the days pass by too quickly and time, time is never enough. 2011 will be over quickly, the days dance past- too nimble too quick. time is never on our side

and now it is another 2 days to my birthday. 2 days to 18. i don’t really know how growing older makes me feel. perhaps birthdays lose their importance/over-exaggerated hype when a person gets older.

i still remember how everything felt like on the day i turned 16. every single feeling, right down to the slightest detail, all encapsulated in this photo i took of the vase of my favorite pink roses my mom placed on my table.. just like how a certain song will remind you of a place or time- exactly how this photo makes me feel.


it still is my favorite photograph taken

time check 12:50am, i think my blog is officially a day old. (actually i’ve always felt it a little strange to call a blog ‘blog’ unless its a blogspot. but it’s even stranger to call my wordpress ‘wordpress’ rather than a blog) ok

quiet thoughts are always placed in brackets.. 12am rambling

two posts in less than 24 hours I AM ON A ROLL HERE

my best friend would be very proud (hi twink)

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