1:11 am. sudden whim to create a blog. was deciding initially between vaguerustles.wordpress or this.. former username still has some kind of emotional attachment to it. how did i take 5 minutes to type those words. it is now 1:16 and it is finally thursday. two more days of school and onto the weekends. can barely breathe – not that school is too demanding/ i’m unable to cope, but i think i really need more rest. just need to get through two more days.

just a short post because (technically) this is (considered) late but i have slept for four hours straight /pig/ extremely guilty at wasting such precious time, especially when exams are drawing n e a r e r, but i guess the guilt has subsided since i am here after all. typing this.

i hope this post comes out in times.

some things never change. still type in the same way. still type using the same font. still using a minimalistic layout, searched ‘minimal’ ‘simple’ and ‘clean’ and this was the best layout there is..

BUT am finally moving away from livejournal and onto wordpress. tried moving to tumblr in the earlier half of the year (unsuccessful) speaking of which tumblr’s dashboard is a thousand times uglier than wordpress’ – not that wordpress’ dashboard is ugly in the first place. instead it’s very inviting. very sleek and user-friendly. +100 points to wordpress. so far everything is extremely welcoming and with the persuasion of my best friend http://cardiacprint.com <- yes free advertisement!! here!! i think i will be staying here for quite some time.


ending with the first screenshot (is it print screen or screenshot) photo taken using my new imac. wavy hair after waking up. glasses. wearing your singlet. usually how i look like at home. felt like this photo made me look less of a nerd when i put on my glasses, usually this is not the case in school… /unfair/ trimmed my fringe yesterday and felt like butchering my hair but 1) i know i will never do it – highly doubt that i can pull the short hair look off 2) think i love having long hair too much. short hair will only make me feel vulnerable.. too exposed

ps. showing off my hidden muscles

pss. okay -50 points for wordpress now because they forced me to ‘fill in all required fields’ ie. post title & tags.


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